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.living well.

I’ve always been someone who found it incredibly therapeutic to put pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keys) and I’ve always been someone who thoroughly enjoys the sound of their own voice… So, in turn it would seem only proper that I join everyone else in ‘blog world’ that thinks they have something to say that people ought to listen to.

Most everyone I know calls me Cooper (or Coops, it’s a last name turned nickname), I’m 25 and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I wasn’t always, I’ve lived in Melbourne most of my life. I’m currently studying Fitness & Nutrition (I will be advertising Personal Training services at a later date so please contact me if you’re interested) and I work in HR/Marketing in the city. I also dj from time to time and you can find more information about that by contacting me or checking out my Soundcloud.

I’ve travelled around the world (see photos below) and want to do it all over again. My goals for 2011 are to complete my first half marathon and full marathon; hopefully in Europe alongside my brother. I’m engaged to a boy I adore and consider to be my best friend. We live together so his amusing antics will probably grace the pages of this blog regularly.

My interests range from health & fitness, to fashion, to beauty, to food, to travel, and music… so that is what this blog will be about. Anything and everything to do with living well.

This is my life:

London 2010

Thailand 2010

Tokyo 2010

Osaka 2010

Melbourne 2009

London 2009

Paris 2009

Madrid 2009

Belgium 2009

New York 2009

California 2009

DJ'ing - Melbourne 2010

Recording 2010

My Best Friend – <3″

DJing - Melbourne 2010


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