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I’ve not got a sweet tooth generally. I do have a salty-oily-cheesy-greasy-anything savoury tooth though… but since I’ve been cutting out a lot of nonsense from my diet and staying high protein / low carb I’ve needed to find delicious alternatives to bad foods so that I stay relatively sane and don’t feel like I’m always missing out.
That said I’ve acquired quite the pancake fetish over the past few weeks, and who’d have thunken I could enjoy the little golden drops of goodness without stacking on the kilos AND still meeting my macronutrient requirements for the day?

WELL I CAN, dammit. So you should be able to as well… It’s not like it’s a big secret and it’s quite freaking easy to make as well (this is the key when sticking to a nutritional plan-more on this later- easy recipes that are quick to chuck together keep you satisfied and out of the kitchen away from the snacks)

So here you are – this recipe (for me) will make 4 little pancakes, which I think is 2 servings… I will say that you can add a 1/4 or even 1/3 cup of quick oats or ground oats to fluff them up and YES it tastes nicer but if you’re having them later on at night or you’re already to high on your daily carb intake – they don’t NEED to have oats in them to cook…

What you need:
1 scoop of protein (pick your flavour – I use Banana Cream GNC Whey)
2 Egg Whites
50g of Low Fat Cottage Cheese
1 1/2 Tablespoons Almond Milk (You can use regular milk, it’s your choice)

Mix together, blend if you have one, it’ll stop lumping – and then cook them up in a pan… You’ll need to watch them like a hawk because you don’t want to overcook or burn them as they dry up real quick but when you get the hang of it they are fluffy gorgeous little treats.

Serving Suggestions:
You can add fruit, I like raspberries on top, chopped banana, chopped almonds or walnuts, whatever you like.
Queens Sugar Free Maple Syrup is low in calories as is Light Whipped cream but I truly emphasise that you use sparingly if you’re cutting – however if you’re just trying to just make better food choices – these are still better alternatives to fucking chocolate bars.

Let me know how you go with these, if you feel like they don’t cook right or they are perhaps a tad too dry for your liking — definitely add the oats…
These work as a delicious breakfast or alternative to protein shakes if you can’t stomach those bad boys, but keep in mind that the toppings you use negate the actual health factor of the pancakes themselves.

Nutritional Stats: (Without Oats)
Per Serve (Recipe makes 2 serves or 4 pancakes)
Calories: 103
Carbs: 5grams
Fat: 2grams
Protein: 18grams


Whilst the photo up top is not pancakes I’ve prepared – CMON GUYS THE BLOGS GOTTA LOOK PRETTY – this is a legitimate photo of my breakfast today… So no, protein recipes don’t have to be grosse and second rate to the usual foods, keep that in mind ūüėČ Eating well doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth…


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High End GymSo the other day on Twitter I asked people to suggest what they would like to see more of on my blog, the lovely Jessie suggested that I supply details of my training schedule.

It made me realise that the reason I love reading blogs like MeVsTheBulge (Amanda’s weight loss blog and in my opinion, one of the best blogs around) is because of the familiarity surrounded her entries. The way she makes herself very easy to connect with and the complete and utter exposure she undertakes to see through her goals. I’m not of that nature, I envy the ability she has to really strip down bare (literally, if you see her latest bikini post) and tell the world of the internet exactly what her goals are and her current situation. Part of me thinks that it would be very helpful when attempting to reach targets, but I’m a very private person in certain aspects and the gusto that I need to post bikini shots of myself on the internet does not exist within me. I have decided however that I would like to post something about my training and my goals in a much more generalised nature.

Alot of people have asked me lately what I’m training so hard for. I guess I don’t have a deliberate answer for this. I would love to move into the Fitness industry, but to be the best I can be in that industry I’d need to feel as though I practice what I preach, that I can hold it down with the clients I would take on. I also am really keen on running a marathon soon, but with my knee injury from early this year my fitness levels had depleted and in all honesty, I am not sure my injury is repaired enough yet to sustain such distance events. What I do know is that I long ago stopped training to get a killer body, and started training first and foremost to improve my athletic abilities. I think I’d love to be able to compete one day, but I’ve got to reach my first goal and take it from there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a current goal with weight loss and body fat percentages, this is a vain activity on it’s own. But I do exercise to push myself to limits and test myself each day as opposed to doing it because I think my stomach is not flat enough.

So here it is, my goals, my training schedule and my nutrition, in brief… I will go into it in more detail over the next few weeks as I work towards this goal. The plan is to regularly update and speak more freely about what I’m working towards so please try not to get too sick of me.


  • First point:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • -4.06kgs
  • Second Goal:
  • -5.99kgs

This isn’t because I want to be a skinny little thing, this gets me to a certain body fat percentage that should be exactly right for my frame and keeping me totally toned at the same time. This goal means nothing to me if I reach it and have no muscle definition. The idea is to strip down this body fat in order to look as toned and tight as possible.

¬†How I’ll reach this:


I have allowed myself 12 weeks time to reach this point. This should be more than sufficient amount of time.  



I’m aiming to stay below 1500 calories a day. I’ve tried going lower and it’s not maintainable in reality, nor is it something I can sustain when I’m working out as often and as hard as I am. I get sick really easily so restricting calorie intake below 1500 usually just causes trouble.


The 1500 calories are made up of:

Protein: 146grams

Carbohydrates: 131grams

Fat: 43grams

This section probably won’t interest anyone too much, it’s really hard to get exact numbers of course – but I try to plan as much as possible. If I get a little muddled I lean towards a higher protein measurement than that of fat or carbs. As far as carbs go I never eat anything ‘white’ (bread, pasta, flour), always wholemeal and preferably with grain/seed, I chose low GI foods. Oven baked sweet potato is one of my very favourite things so I don’t find it hard to choose wisely.


I’m in the gym 6 mornings a week. I’m not going to list all my workouts in detail, just how I section things off. I try to do as much compound exercise as possible, really restricting the amount of isolated work that I do when lifting weights. Basically this means that I try workout more than one muscle group at a time, it has far better results for me.¬† That said, I structure my days so that I’m working on a particular muscle group each day, leaving plenty of time for recovery.

Day 1: Glutes, Hamstrings, Abs and Cardio.

Day 2: Back, Yoga and Heavy Cardio.

Day 3: Arms, Chest and Abs. No cardio.

Day 4: Quads, Calves, Abs and Cardio.

Day 5: Shoulders and Heavy Cardio.

Day 6: Pure Cardio.

I have a Polar FT7 which I basically couldn’t live without, it tells me my calories burnt per session. I have a target calorie amount, but honestly I don’t always hit it. It’s hard to reach when you only have an hour and after that you have to go to work. If I could just stay home all day….. *dreaming*

As far as cardio is concerned I switch up between the treadmill/rowing machine/exercise bike or just running outdoors. Heavy cardio signifies days where I will use a heavier resistance or interval training. On full cardio days I will go for a long run.

Alot of what I do in the gym is weight lifting, I started off lifting decent amounts at higher reps, but I have changed things up and am currently lifting heavy on lower amounts of reps.
This plan isn’t neccessarily for everyone but lifting heavy is something I really enjoy and I’m getting closer and closer to being able to lift as heavy as the Boy (even if he tells me that is ‘uncool’ I’m pretty stoked on the idea).

So there you have it. That’s my little plan. On top of that I fit in 40 hours of full time work and 12 hours of study minimum a week.¬†As you can imagine, I’m pretty fucking tired by the end of it.

What is your training schedule like ? Do you have goals / targets? Please share.

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Stumbling across Tumblr on any given day I’ll find multiple sources of fashion inspiration.¬†However, today I found the most¬†appalling¬†display of human nature and misguided ideals I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Thinspiration (photos of skinny girls that other girls looking to lose weight refer to often to stay motivated)¬†in the form of captioned photos telling girls not to eat for ‘another day’, feeding you¬†lines (no pun intended)¬†about how you are revolting if you are consuming food, photos of gorgeous healthy slim girls in groups with bullshit captions like “Your life would be this good – if you just didn’t eat”

Here are some of the things I found most disturbing:


Don’t get me wrong; I’ve seen plenty of websites dedicated to Thinspiration before – but nothing quite so callous and dishearting at the same time.¬†I’m not sure if I feel more sympathetic or more angry towards the person who is publicising this blog.

But let’s face it, you can get skinny by not eating; if the kind of skinny that you want to be is gaunt and¬†muscularly¬†deficient, the kind of skinny that will fucking kill you. You will look flabby and your stomach will bloat out into what almost resembles a beer belly; you certainly won’t have flat defined abs. You’ll end up feeling awful, you have headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, and far worse – you could end up ruining your teeth and bones and begin an early onset to multiple other health issues as you age. If you had such a great deal of self control not to eat, why not turn that into self control to eat healthy and reduce your calorie intake to a safe level and get into the gym. Not only would you feel better; you’d look better. So many of the photos on this site are of Victoria’s Secret models or girls with proper definition in their bodies – girls that quite clearly work out and eat well to have their figures, which is why I find it so heavily disturbing. Most ‘thinspiration’ shows¬†anorexic¬†bodies/skeleton like frames, which at least is not misleading of how you would look if you give up eating. To give the hope that a girl would ever look like a Victoria’s Secret model from starving herself is beyond stupid.

On the other hand though, I saw that Jessica Biel rated #3 in the men’s Top 10 Celebrity Bikini Bodies of 2010 – which didn’t surprise me at all, but what I did find interesting though was the reasoning behind why they have chosen her, and I thought it was so good I had to share:

“A self-proclaimed gym buff,¬†Jessica Biel has the kind of body that makes us never forget to renew our gym memberships, if only in hopes of running into a woman as toned as Jessica while blasting our pecs at the gym (or, you know, sipping protein-infused fruit smoothies at the gym bar while talking about blasting our pecs). Jessica, who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, is proof that a woman who works hard for her body is way hotter than a woman who just says no to white flour. Besides, isn’t it more fun to be with a woman who can kick back with beer and hot dogs at a baseball game and who still look this good while doing it? That’s at least what we presume her boyfriend¬†Justin Timberlake says”

I have so much that I’d really like to broach in regards to this topic. The toned vs skeleton thin body type debate is age old and could go on forever. But I’ve decided to leave it at the fact that I think this kind of stuff is sad and awfully worrying. Teenage girls are easily the most impressionable kind and to put this sort of irrational thinking on the internet is disturbing. It’s one thing to have an eating disorder but when you are letting your eating disorder effect and influence other people – you really are causing a rippling effect. I understand people have the right to seek out whatever they like on the internet, and that alot of girls seek thinspiration but writing messages on them only further etches in problems that some of these girls possibly did not have to begin with.

Does anyone here disagree with me? Or have anything they want to add?

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