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I’ve been training long enough now to know my limits… Knowing those boundaries and how far your body can be pushed is a great thing, but knowing when your mind is syking you out of what you need to do to push those boundaries is what makes a good athlete a great one.
You will not always win the battle over your mind; it’s strong and after many years of getting it’s own way – your subconscious is not used to piping down and playing second fiddle to the way you desire to be… So that’s when you need to dig deep and pull out a little extra.

This morning I had a particularly gruelling workout that I’ve designed not to burn calories, not to shape my physique a certain way, but mostly to push me further than I thought possible each and every time I set out to begin it. I wake up in anticipation and dread in equal levels; I so badly want to smash through it but I know how much physical pain I need to put myself through to get to the other side…

So that’s when I need a little extrinsic motivation; playlists, an extra 5 minute warm up to get myself in the zone, but this morning – I watched this video (again – it’s a favourite) and remembered EXACTLY why I do what I do and I hope that it gives you that clarity and determination that it brings me…

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