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Lately I’ve been trying to modify my diet to find out what seems to be keeping weight on my midsection (bastards!).
Currently I’m in the gym morning and night roughly 5-6 times a week, so it’s safe to say that the weight I want to shift will come from my nutrition (80% of abs are made in the kitchen huh?!)

These are a few simple meals I’ve been eating (light in dairy, no processed carbs, no fun – just kidding)

There are no real recipes just thrown together but the basic gist of it is as follows:


Breakfast – I’m loving Healtheries Apple, Cinnamon and Almond muesli at the moment, soaked in apple juice/water overnight and add natural yoghurt and half a chopped apple – it makes a HUGE serving and keeps me full till lunch (that’s massive because I’m constantly hungry). It’s also high in fibre, has a decent serving of protein and healthy carbs to start your day.
I found it in the Health Food section of Coles and it’s about $6.50 a box, 6 servings in each – exxy but well worth it.

Lunch – Oven baked chicken (using fresh herbs and lemon juice coat the chicken, wrap it in silver foil and bake- it’s that easy) and sweet potato, spinach, mushroom, carrot and onion salad. Add feta if you need some extra taste.


Dinner – Lately I’m LOVING chicken stir fry. Stir fry mixed vegetables til soft, add chicken and a few splashes of Oyster/Soy sauce, fresh chilli and garlic.. I’m not having heaps of carbs at night – there are carbs in some vegetables (who cares?!) and the sauces you may use so be wary about the amount of sauce you do put into the dish but you can easily coat everything using 1 1/2 tblspns. Add a small amount of crushed raw cashews if your daily calories/macros allow. This helps add a crunch and fills you up. Water chestnuts are my go to staple for adding crunchy texture though so you mightn’t feel the need to add nuts.

Hope this gives you all some recipe inspiration. Will make more effort to update more often, I swear!! (Don’t hold me to this, obvs!)


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