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Last time I checked in I spoke about my extreme training week; you can see the details here… In short I basically challenged myself to attempt to preform 8 training sessions in a week.

Why? Let’s face it, I love to eat. I don’t love to diet (I hate this word more than you can possibly imagine – but more on that later) or restrict myself, don’t get me wrong I eat clean and love to do so… I’m always trying to find new ways to prepare healthier dishes, but at the end of the day if it means the difference between having dinner with a little sweet potato, or a light creamy sauce (extra kilojoules) I’d much prefer to do that than eat a bland combination of protein and vegetables with no flavour – I’d rather just work out harder than tell myself I’m not aloud to have certain things.

It’s a lifestyle choice, you can choose to constantly restrict yourself to lose the weight but you’re also setting yourself up for failure. Or for a competition body; and that sort of thing comes with knowing more about your body than most people ever discover in a lifetime so that really isn’t what I’m talking about. Women that compete are so in tune with their figures and diets and training schedules that it isn’t about weight loss so much as it is an art form – what I’m talking about is day to day loss.

My extreme week was hard, by Friday I wasn’t sure I would get through it – I thought I’d torn my rotator cuff – turned out it was more of a simple injury *thank fuck* but it meant I had to switch my rest days over, one day off and a lot of painkillers later and I was through the 8 sessions.

In the clear.

And what came from this was something more appealing than I could’ve ever expected. The week went so quick, and I’ve never been so exhausted but it was rewarding on many levels.

 I was mentally clearer than ever, happier, I pushed myself harder than ever in my training sessions – even though I did twice as much, session wise, I also did twice as much, effort wise.

Not to get TMI on you guys, but it was even rewarding in the bedroom.

Funnily enough; instead of let myself rest after getting through it I’ve decided to do it all over again, harder this time. More intense sessions than before.

The pay off was well worth it- I’m currently at the lowest weight I’ve been in years and the definition in my body has changed entirely over the past week, muscles I didn’t know existed are making appearances. There is even a little two pack appearing in my abdominal area (YOU WILL BE A SIX PACK BY SUMMER! In the meantime though I’m enjoy the fact I have my own personal tupac, geddddit!? Ohhhh, I kill me).

Cannot wait to see my results in a months time. I can only hope you guys are getting as much out of your training as I am and if not; maybe it’s time you ask yourself why you’re flatlining and you shake it up?

My advice though, for anyone else trying to get through a heavy week of training like I did is to fully commit to it with planning – both nutrition and exercise, write your schedule and know  your macro nutrient needs. I would’ve died if I didn’t have the amount of protein I was getting last week. And without proper planning it can be hard to ensure you get your daily needs especially when training at a high intensity.

I’m going to start posting more on this site, I’m obsessed with taking photos of my meals and I want to start to share that stuff with you guys too.

Til next time, train hard, play hard…


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