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The goal for me right now is a certain body fat percentage and muscle tone.. I also want to increase my fitness levels and push myself harder. The more I study and learn about the human body the more I want to look after mine.
Having been back in training for a couple of months since my injury I’m holding steady pace and seeing crazy results.
But recently I’ve been off to Melbourne and enjoyed my holidays thoroughly having time off my training and having some alcohol and loads of indulgent foods. This was a bit of a stop in results as far as training is concerned… Before this I was on a low-cal diet and training 5 days a week, since then I’ve even upped my calories again from 1300 back to 1500-1700 to increase energy when I returned so my training would get stronger again (I started to lack energy on such low calories). This week I want to find out what sees more results and better pay off – more training and more eating vs less training and less eating.

I’ve done the less training (5 sessions a week) less eating (1300cals a day) and now it’s time to see what happens when I have more workouts (8 sessions a week) and more eating (1500-1600 cals).

I have a full time job and study to keep up with at the moment so adding 8 workout sessions for the week is fucking insanity. I don’t even think I can do it, I’ve probably never done it before (don’t forget guys; former fatty, smoker, drinker, exercise hater here!!!) but let’s challenge me. Let’s see what I can get done, here’s the mock up schedule..

Sunday: 8:30am Boxfit 45mins

Monday morning: 20mins cardio only. Home gym or running outdoors.
Monday night: Cross Training @ Gym -1hr

Tuesday morning: Off
Tuesday night: Abs and Core class @ Gym -1hr

Wednesday morning: Cardio, Strength Training: Shoulders & Back – Home Gym
Wednesday night: work dinner then Yoga @ Gym 1hr

Thursday- Day off

Friday morning- off
Friday night- Boxfit class @ gym with Strength Training: Arms & Chest

Saturday – Strength Training – Legs, outdoors long distance jog

Sunday- Day Off.

I might switch one workout so I only have 1 day off and spread stuff out more but I’ll take it as it comes.
Who thinks I can get through this challenge???



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