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I rarely go to classes. In fact; I’ve probably only ever been to a handful of gym classes in my life. I’m very content to slug it out solo…

One of my girlfriends at work spends an incredible amount a week on a Personal Trainer and only ever goes to the gym when she is attending a class; mind you she goes to the gym 6 plus times a week so there’s no lack of motivation whatsoever.

I find myself wondering what I don’t fancy about classes. Am I intimidated to get out there amongst other people of all fitness levels? Am I not pushing myself quite as hard as I could be? Or am I pushing myself harder and training correctly by isolating groups and scheduling rest days rather than attempting classes every day that allow no recovery time on certain body parts?

So I put it to you fitness junkies; what do you like better – what are the pro’s and con’s of each?

This week I am signing back up at my local gym as I feel our apartment complex gym allows only so much as far as strength training and general repetition goes (I am truly sick of the tiny space and staring at the wall when I’m on the treadmill – gimme a fucking television up in this bitch! I spend so damn long in there!) and I will be pushing myself to try a new class each week – especially the ones I dread the most (yoga and pilates)… My body is desperately needing a good stretch out. I promise to let you know how it goes…

As far as my general routine is shaping up, I’ve come really far. My training has improved noticeably since I started back after my knee injury, and I have lost 4kgs since March. I know it’s not as much as one could ask for but I’m going for all over results and muscle tone, not to drop weight instantly.

My most noticeable change though has been in my eating; I crave clean foods now and rarely even desire something sugary or unhealthy. The cleaner I get too the more I want to strip back anything bad for me. My skin is so grateful for this too.

Enough rambling from me, this entry has transpired into a terribly general update (please excuse my lack of posting, life has been so busy…) and it is time for my Sunday training session. Make sure you comment and let me know your thoughts on using trainers or classes vs slugging it out solo… I’m interested to hear your opinions.

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