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If you follow me on Twitter, and let’s face it – you probably should ūüėČ then you may have noticed my status updates about returning to my hometown. This update is probably going to bore the life out of anyone it doesn’t feature but I’ll try to keep it as interesting as possible. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mostly updating this for my own pleasure and terrible memory purposes (I would like to recall this trip for a long time but have the memory of a goldfish).

Granted it is only a one hour flight from where I live now I’ve been irrefutably lazy about going home and seeing everyone but in a great twist of fate it turned out to be one of the best things I’d never planned. Seeing everyone after six months of being absent was an absolute blast. I drank, I ate, I did not exercise – I was merry. Mind you I completely missed being so stellar with my gym and eating; it was really nice to unwind for the first time in months and I have promised myself not to dwell on it but just to get back on the healthy bandwagon.

I got home Thursday and spent several hours with my favourite person in Melbourne, my hairdresser. Okay, so perhaps that’s an overstatement but he’s THAT good at what he does. If you have short hair and want gorgeous long thick locks, then look him up (Bruno – dare2hair in Carlton, tiny little place, but magic worker I swear to god… I’ve been a regular for about 3 years and he’s just such a lovely, talented hairdresser – why else would I rush back here?).

My best friend Danni joined me at the salon and filled me in on absolutely everything that I needed to know or had missed in the past six months, it was gossip central – I absolutely loved it. Then we ventured on over to my other best friend Bec’s house (we are like the three amigos). Bec has recently purchased her own to-die-for big house and moved in with her two pups and boyfriend (whom I adore and drops the C bomb more often than I do – go figure). We spent Thursday night drinking Strawberry Lime cider, eating Chicken Cacciatore (Beau is an insane chef and I am awaiting the next visit with incredible anticipation so I can make him cook again!) and watching House Bunny (much to Beau’s disappointment) and had an early bed time.

Friday was filled with amazing moments, Danni arrived for breakfast and then we headed into the city for SHOPPING, I got to finally check out the new Myer establishment which is the most exciting thing seeing as though Myer in Melbourne has truly looked like Dimmeys for the past 5 years. Then we met up with one of my favourites, Mark, whilst he was on his lunch break. Then Daniel for English Breakfast teas, before he started work. Then bumped into Brenton at Starbucks Рare you getting the gist of things??? I SAW ALOT OF PEOPLE I KNOW IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!. We rushed down to see my brother at his work making us incredibly late for my night of cocktails and showing off my engagement ring to everyone I fucking adore who came out.

We started out at Kitten Club where I was handed many different cocktails by most people in attendance (mixing drinks does not bode well with someone who has barely touched a drop in months), then continued over to Fashion Keyboards just to say hello to a couple of my friends that are resident djs there – and then over to Miss Libertines where I managed to talk us out of a $20 cover charge – thank you gift of the gab (AND NOT IN THE FILTHY WAY). To list all the people that I saw on the Friday night would take up a page and bore the shit out of my readers but needless to say it involved my fucking favourite human beings, some people I’ve known for years and years and never feel like I’ve been away from. I am truly blessed to have the friends that I do and those that came out made my little heart skip beats. I cannot e-drool enough over how incredible it was to see them.

Then Saturday I had to return to my hairdressers for a few finishing touches on my hair – I tell you right now, this was an incredible effort… To say I was the most hungover I’ve ever been in my entire life might be an overstatement – but I wouldn’t be far off. If I told you I didn’t make Danni stop on the side of the road so that I could attempt to¬†expel¬†the acid reflux brewing inside my alcohol filled tummy I’d be a liar. If I told you I didn’t also excuse myself to the bathroom at my hairdressers and the shopping centre afterwards, I’d be a bigger liar.

I managed to make it through the hairdressers, and a coconut water and roast chicken wrap from Subway saved my soul and allowed me to pull through one last shopping trip, where insane purchases were made and my credit card wept. A chai latte was sipped whilst we pondered over what to do on the Saturday night; after such a hectic couple of days (especially seeing as though Saturday was a mission worthy of being dubbed ‘The Hangover III’) we decided to make way over to JB HIFI and pick up a copy of NBA Jam, annihilate the vegetable section at Coles and cook up roast vegetables worthy of fixing any hungover little trooper whilst we parked our asses on the couch at Bec & Beau’s house, attempting to refuse the half whiskey half diet coke drinks that Beau would have liked us to ingest.

Come Sunday morning I was sad to say goodbye to Bec, Danni and Beau but really excited to see my family. My brother picked me up and we headed on out to St Kilda for coffee and a spinach quiche whilst we made the drive home to the Peninsula. Dad had invited my uncle and Grandma over for lunch and they had whipped up a glorious feast. My step mum has taken a liking to Jamie Oliver (I believe she even told my Dad he was the only other British man she’d leave him for, I don’t know if that means she’s allowed to leave him for men of other nationalities or if she just fancies poms but either way I’m glad his cooking skills have rubbed off on her). We ate a delicious roast including the most amazing vegetables (if you don’t know – I’m currently on a vegetable frenzy and so anything involving stuff I haven’t tried or new variations of vegetables makes me salivate). There was roast pumpkin, roast sweet potato, carrots, beans, broccoli, cauliflower and my new favourite (have I said favourite enough this post?) MASHED PARNSIP. OMFG. My Grandma has out done herself with this one, I imagine it’s incredibly bad for you because it’s cream and milk and butter, but the god’s have whispered this recipe to her I’m certain of it.

Then just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, out comes the Banoffee Pie. Which thankfully I wasn’t a fan of (don’t get me wrong, everyone else hoovered it down, but I’m not a big sweets fan – I kept going back and sticking my finger in the parsnip mash so I suppose the calories¬†leveled¬†out) but I did keep pinching the slices of banana out of the pie and ruining it for everyone else (those things are like $3 each – can’t justify letting them go to waste and I do love me some potassium.

Bellies full, we food coma’d on the couch watching Russell Brand’s Scandalous until my Dad told us to turn off the foul mouthed British man with weird hair and we decided to pack it in and head to Mumma’s house where the more foul mouthed the television, the better. I cuddled up on the couch with my Mumma whilst we called Sean, who I think she wished was there more than me, and got ready for dinner.

Now, let me explain something to you – I realistically at this point, could have never eaten another bite and it still would have been too much food – but my Mum is a chef, and an incredible one at that. Not only is she a chef but she has the same taste buds as me, so there was chili in everything and everything was to my liking – I couldn’t NOT eat. She’d put on a pasta feast! We food coma’d again and I ran a spa bath and headed to bed. In the morning I cooked breakfast for the family; a delicious omelette with loads of fresh vegetables. Mum was impressed which made me feel quite the little MasterChef indeed *wink*.

The trip was far too short, especially the time I got to spend with my parents; but the space between this and the next one will not be quite so long and next time I will be dragging my gorgeous fiance down to get to know everyone better. It wasn’t the same without him in tow. Coming home has been so lovely though.

All in all my trip to Melbourne was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had… Now, can anyone guess how much I’m not looking forward to returning to work and the regular day to day grind of real life???


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