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.living well.

I decided to take a step back from blogging about Health and Fitness stuff for an entry and let you know a little more about me. No better way to do that then with one of those old Myspace Quizzes you used to post in a bulletin… I found one saved on my computer. Updating the answers was incredibly funny.
Anyway, here goes…

Black; faux leather and large enough to fit my passport, which is, annoyingly, my only form of I.D seeing as though I don’t drive.
It’s Chanel. No, I’m fucking kidding. It’s a toothbrush, medium bristles, purple in colour.

[Jewelry worn daily]
My engagement ring, and the Our Lady necklace I bought in this amazing Mexican store in Los Angeles.

[Doona Cover]
All white. Egyptian cotton. Very little excites me more than the concept of fresh linen.

I gravitate towards L’Oreal products at the moment and they serve me well. Which is thankful as they aren’t extraordinarily expensive and I go through them quite quickly.

[Coffee cup]
I hardly drink coffee anywhere else but my house these days, so it’s usually in the same style latte glass that fits under the espresso machine. That sounds wanky, but seriously, I had to buy special cups to fit underneath it.

Ray Ban Wayfarers. They are by far by favourite shape and they are timeless.

I love cotton underwear. Mostly because it’s fucking comfortable. But I only wear black underwear and it always has some form of lace. It’s entirely possible to be sexy and comfortable at the same time. Even if beige underpants were the most comfortable thing in the world; I’d feel uncomfortable knowing there’s a slight chance I’d get hit by a bus and people would find out I wore beige underwear.

I love heels as much as the next girl. But lately I’m all about flat shoes. I train too often to be able to justify wearing heels all day. It isn’t good for your feet and you run the risk of spraining your ankle which scares me too much.

[Favourite shirt]
I seriously am in love with my boy’s Run DMC singlet. It’s falling apart it’s that old, and it’s so big on him so I practically swim in it, but it’s the ultimate comfort tank.

[Favourite pants]
My black super tight Stella McCartney pants, they are semi high waisted with transparent mesh panels down the side.

[Favourite album]
I’m having a reunion with Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III at the moment. I’m also loving Computers and Blues by The Streets and of course, Adele’s 21.

Two. One to many I think.


[What you are wearing now:]

A black tank top, my black Bonds hoodie and some grey short shorts, haha. I got out of bed and threw my hoodie on then came to my computer to study. However, I got distracted.

In a bun. I rarely wear it out when I’m at home.

[Do you like candles]
Love. Especially scented… I have an adorable one next to my bed at the moment that was a gift with purchase from Lorna Jane… It smells divine.

[Do you believe in love]
Yes. How could you not? Love fuels absolutely everything around us. Even war. It’s present in so many more senses than Hallmark cards would have you believe.

[Do you believe in soul mates]
It’s a disgustingly general term but yes, in some way or another I think there’s people out there that just go together.

[Do you believe in love at first sight]
At first sight it’s still lust. But it builds if it’s right.

[What do you want done with your body when you die]
Holy morbid… Cremation. Burial makes me feel all sorts of uncomfortable.

[How many songs do you have on your computer?]
11,328 in iTunes.

[Look out your window…tell me what you see]
Daylight, rain, a pool and a tennis court.

[If you could have any animal for a pet?]
A pick pocketing monkey or bust… I’m not a pet person.

[ When was the last time you … ]

A few minutes ago. I can’t remember what it was about though.

See above.

Probably by myself, probably in my bedroom… I’m losing the plot.

[Had a nightmare?]
I was having them frequently when we first moved into our new apartment, but they stopped a while ago and hopefully for good.

[Last movie you Watched]
Umm… I don’t know, I’ve been watching a lot of South Park and The Boondocks over the past day or two though.

[Last thing you had to drink?]
Double macchiato. Still sippin’.

[Last thing you had to eat]
Oats with cinnamon prepared with half water and half non fat milk. Sounds bland, tastes so good.

[ Fashion ]
[Do you wear a watch?]
Daily. I have a few that I adore and wear for special occasions but my black Polar FT7 Heart rate monitor rarely escapes my wrist.

[How many coats and jackets do you own?]
Not enough. But a few; blazers, a leather jacket, a fur (It was second hand, which I believe is everyone’s excuse for buying fur and it not being entirely morally reprehensible). I want an incredible winter coat.

[Favourite pants color?]

[ Music/TV/Books ]
[Favourite band ever?]
Ever? Oh I don’t know. I really can’t answer this.

[Do you find any musicians good-looking?]
That’s broad. But usually no, I don’t gravitate towards musicians because I don’t watch music videos and rarely know what they look like. Sure there are some that are incredibly attractive though.

[Favourite movie?]
There’s so many, of all time it might be Drop Dead Fred. Purely for the memories it brings.

[Favourite TV show?]
I’m inclined to say Weeds. It is fantastic. But I love tv series (when you get the dvd box set and don’t have to watch annoying advertisements) and I have so many favourites.

[Favourite book?]
One Day – David Nicholls. Hands down, and I’m so bummed they are filming it for a movie, especially considering they cast Anne Hathaway and I find her repulsive.

[ General Questions ]
[What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?]
Sunny; but not too hot. A lovely sunny London-in-May day.

[Do you consider yourself lucky?]
I think you get what you work for and luck is a bit of a fools notion.

[Choose one word to describe how you feel most often]

[Is there more than one zipper in your pants?]


[Do you have a favourite brand of hair dye?]
I’m liking the new Mousse range by Schwarzkopf. 3.0 – chocolate.

I like black, white, greys, greens and purples the most.

Sunday. No question.

I don’t really have a favourite month. May’s nice, it’s my birthday month.

Peanut butter and carbs… clearly the devils work.


Water. Still or sparkling.

Oxford Street Topshop is mind blowing. But Priceline probably my most frequented in Australia. I’m obsessed with buying make up and lotions I don’t really need.

I love white roses the most.

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