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Working in an office with several weight-obsessed females lately has made me realise just how ridiculously uninformed some people are regarding fitness and nutrition.


I’m not sure who reads this blog exactly (more of you should leave comments, pretty please) but I’m guessing that most of those who do are pretty well informed. Unfortunately it seems that so many people are led blind by bad information in the media, by people in the fitness industry (I’ve heard numerous accounts of terrible advice given from Personal Trainers – which is beyond disappointing), and the worst culprits – peers.

Girls seem to gather together and feed each other endless amounts of bullshit information about how to lose weight. Just to clear the air for you, there is no magical secret to losing weight. You can take all the weight loss pills in the world and they won’t help you… Actually to be fair, the ones with pseudoephedrine only work because they make you so speedy that you don’t want to eat – if you think that this is a good idea, trust me it’s not – the weight returns. Not only do they make you speedy, they give you heart pains, you can’t sleep when you are taking them and you become a moody, moody cow. And honestly; who cares if you’re skinny, no one will want to go near you because you’ll be that psycho bitch who never eats. You can be as skinny as you like, but it’ll make no difference if you’re a downright cunt.

Weight loss comes from only two real sources; reducing your intake of kilojoules and expending kilojoules. By that I mean, eating less and exercising more. It also doesn’t happen overnight. Losing weight is a gradual process and it only comes after you dedicate a lot of time and energy; if you continue to give up on these two important factors – you continue to give up results.

There are small factors that help but none of them are magic cures; they are common knowledge.

You can reduce your kilojoule intake too far. Not enough calories in your daily diet means your body refuses to function like a well oiled machine. So when you’re always sick and always lethargic, you have only yourself to blame.

You can lose weight if all you eat is chocolate; provided that you stay under your daily calorie limit… But let’s face it; chocolate only isn’t going to get you a glowing complexion – your body again, will not function properly if you refuse to feed it protein, carbohydrates and fats. There are a reason these three groups exist. You shouldn’t be on an all protein diet… Don’t get me wrong; your diet should be high protein, low carb (and ONLY good carbs- brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato as opposed to potato, white bread or white pasta) and it should include fats (avocado is a great source of monounsaturated fat which is proven to help in flattening your stomach area). I’m sick to death of hearing girls go on and on about their protein only diets thinking that eating copious amounts of bacon is okay, it’s not.


You also need a realistic set of goals. If you are as wide as a house and as Big as Notorious, you’re going to be hard pressed to end up looking like Nicole Richie in 12 months. Don’t be fooled by modern day media; the Biggest Loser is an extreme diet show and I wouldn’t recommend that amount of weight loss that quickly for ANYONE. You’ll also find your body shape is probably completely different. A lot of girls I know look at really skinny celebrities who have zero muscle tone and are likely that tiny due to a restricted food diet and not a combination of healthy eating and fitness. For me I find girls like Jessica Biel to have far more attainable figures and a healthier picture to chase after… You realise you won’t look a thing like her without getting into the gym and that’s a positive when it comes to lifestyle change: role models with healthy lifestyles.

Keep a food and exercise diary too. I have an extremely detailed journal as I’m beginning to train hard and eat clean again; it has you fill out details from how you feel on a daily basis, how many hours you slept, how many sets/reps of each weight exercise, what foods you ate, what vitamins you take, what your appetite was like on a daily basis. I find that recording my movements helps keep me on track – because I’m really serious about training when I get into it – I don’t like to disappoint myself by having to write down bad snacks or days of no training. So I find not being able to hide a help rather than a hindrance. Also, when I notice a change in results I can look back and find out what was working or sadly, what might not be.

 MSP Personal Training Diary

Training and eating plans… You needn’t lay out a weekly menu unless you REALLY need that discipline. Just lay out several meal ideas and make sure that you pick from them alone, don’t leave snack foods in your house. A training plan helps because you know what areas to work on and what to expect each day; you also eliminate doing useless exercise. Sometimes you can get better results from a 15 minute session if you know what you are doing; rather than an hour of unstructured gym workouts.

And lastly, do your research… Don’t just take up a soup only diet expecting it to work long term. Look into it, learn about your body and what works for your body as a whole rather than what will garner quick results. Quick results equal quick turnarounds, leaving you as fat or fatter than you were and felt before.

This is mostly a rant on my account – just have had enough of listening to girls complain about being fat and then sitting there eating icecream and putting their hand in the biscuit tin four or five times a day. No one is perfect; I’m certainly far from happy with my results, but do something about it other than making other people listen to your complaints because sooking doesn’t burn calories.

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