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This morning I read an entry over at RunEatRepeat about the ways you can consume calories without noticing (i.e snacking at the fridge, trying someone elses food, having a corner of a biscuit rather than a full one). I am a MASSIVE culprit of this and have noticed it lately but didn’t quite realise that it was something a whole lot of us were guilty of.

These are my worst habits:

– I ‘try’ everything I am cooking. If I’m throwing cheese into my meals, I’ll have a little nibble. If I’m making sweet potato fries, I open the oven door to check them and eat a few. I end up eating more than I dish out on my plate this way and therefore I sneak in a whole shitload of calories I’m not accounting for.

– Let’s be honest, the Boy isn’t as healthy as I am and in turn I almost relish being able to cook him deliciously fatty meals that I cannot even look at without getting thicker around the thighs… But I always have a bite. Or two. – We have biscuits at work, lots of them, and they are in a “help yourself” communal little jar by the fridge. I haven’t been doing this for a while now but I used to grab one out and eat a corner and throw the rest in the bin. I’d even notice myself doing this a few times a day, not only is it incredibly wasteful but I am probably consuming a whole cookie in the space of a day anyway.

– When I get home from work it’s like my wind down time. I have been so good all day and not snacked or eaten badly, but the second I sit back and relax at home I throw my hands up to the Boy’s junk food shelf of the pantry and end up grabbing a handful of corn chips or something equally fatty and grosse that I shouldn’t eat. I treat it like a reward, my ass treats it for exactly what it is – extra calories/extra weight.

– Weekends. I seem to think the weekends are a Diet Free zone. I don’t know what it is but suddenly Friday at 5.30pm clicks over and I suddenly stop wanting to eat salads and be responsible for anything; work/nutrition/gym… All I want is a slice of pizza and a beer. And to be fair I don’t even like beer. I think I just like shirking responsibility.

– Beer. Alcohol in general. I don’t like it, I don’t like the taste of it and I don’t like the loss of control that it brings; yes I’ve become a control freak. Whatever. I probably only drink once every month or two but still… it’s not really my thing and I think it’s gotta go. I especially don’t like that it’s empty calories and I’d much prefer a piece of toast slathered in PB&Jam than a drink or two so no more of this rubbish, thank you!

Now that I’ve listed them and announced them to the world of the internet, I can learn to let them go.

As of today I am vowing to drastically reduce these habits to next to nothing. To make a solid effort to say No to myself. I really cannot continue to be so diligent about counting calories and eating healthy if I am going to reverse all my good efforts by being a dirty little snacker. It’s not ever going to stop all together, and I can’t imagine being able to ever exert the amount of self control it would require to banish all these habits but if I were to limit them drastically I think I’d limit my calorie intake by 200-300 calories a day. So let’s see how I go. I’ll report back over the following weeks. Fingers crossed.

I have however noticed a difference since quitting fizzy diet drinks… which I have been meaning to write about and I promise to do that soon too.

Enough about me; what are your bad food habits? Do you have a calorie black hole as well???

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