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I am quite a fickle person in many aspects of my life. Mainly the ones which involve me indulging and spending more money than I truly should. I’m a marketer’s dream girl. Honestly, you could wrap up anything in pretty fresh packaging and sell it to me.

However as I am such a little material tart, you’ll find it rare for me to return to purchasing a product time and time again unless it truly stands up above the rest. That said; here are a few of my favourite things (at the moment)

Kerastase Hair Elixir

Liquid Gold


Everything about this stuff is gold, literally; from the package to the product. It’s basically just like Moroccan Oil but I think it’s slightly more appealing. It’s less thick and therefore leaves your hair feeling lighter and not quite so weighed down and oily. It also comes in a pump bottle which is exactly what Moroccan Oil doesn’t have but needs.

Pantene Pro-V Clinicare Hair Treatment

I bought a trial pack of this from Priceline, it’s a new product from the people at Pantene and Wella and it claims to outdo some of the $80 treatments on the market. Trust me it does. I used this for the first time last night and prior to using it I was praying for a miracle as my hair is looking so broken and split at the moment after removing every single extension from my scalp. This morning my hair is like silk, in feel and look. So if it can repair even my hair for $15 – I’m sure it will work wonders on normal hair.

Jarrah Chai Latte

Chai Heaven

Obsessed. These keep me full for ages and are 66 calories. You just need to add hot water (I add a splash of light milk and ground cinnamon as well). I have a packet in my desk now and they taste just like the Chai Lattes you get at a cafe.

Be Natural Vanilla and Almond Porridge


Actually smells and tastes like heaven. They come in sachets and are very filling. You simply must try. I keep these in my desk drawer as well. It’s like a gourmet pantry inside my desk, I like finding healthy snacks or foods that keep me feeling full throughout the day without leaving me feeling unfulfilled.


David Nicholls

Must Read

I read One Day recently and it has become my favourite book. I ordered his other two works as soon as I finished and am now reading Starter For Ten which is his first novel. Apparently One Day has been turned into a film with Douchey McCuntFace otherwise known as Anne Hathaway which repulses me so I’m quite unexcited to see them ruin it on screen… Read it before you ever come across Hollywood’s tainted version.

That’s all for me at the moment, I mean don’t get me wrong  –  I love a lot of stuff, but I should probably give some attention to my boyfriend instead of this post as he is sitting next to me right now saying cute shit like “Do you love me?”

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