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Diet Coke

I’d like to begin with an apology… if you clicked onto a link for this entry thinking that you were going to find out about some dirty secret about my scandolous love affair with Charlie Sheen’s best mate Cocaine… you will be let down.

This is merely my public admission of guilt.  I have the dirtiest habit someone who claims to be a health nut can possibly have; I am addicted to diet soft drink. I’d say I have on average 2-3 cans a day. It’s fucked, I know, don’t lecture me (I can hear you thinking it!) and it has to stop.

So as this morning I’m kicking the coke; and all other fizzy substances. It’s going, going, gone. I have allowed myself to have a small serving of sparkling mineral water every few days and even then I want to ween off this (I’m still under a bit of rock about this – does sparkling water have bad effects on you? Does it cause bloating?).

I’d like to say it’s purely for health reasons that I have come to the conclusion that this habit needs to come to it’s conclusion, but I’d be lying. Whilst I am greatly concerned about the things this gunk is doing to my body, I think I’m more concerned about what it does to my tummy. Even at my most physically fit I constantly noticed a slight bloating that held me back from having an entirely flat stomach… and no one wants to spend a great deal of time in the gym and be meticulous about their eating habits only to spoil this on soft drink.

It’s never really occured to me until now that this could very well be the cause of my little tummy, I’ve always (as a fat kid) drank alot of regular coke and soft drinks and as I lost weight I merely substituted that with diet soft drink. Recently I’ve taken to using Nativa or Stevia sugars instead of Equal as I know the dangers of diet sweeteners but I have clung desperately to my Diet Coke and gone the way of the ignorant, turning blissfully blind eyes to the habit.

Now; I’m going to continue to report back on how I am going with this and the effects it has on my physical appearance. Recently, I quit smokingand have had an insane amount of success with that; however I feel this is going to be harder.

I always agreed with myself that, with smoking, on a special occassion when I’m having a drink which is once every month or two I could, if I wanted to, have no more than 3 cigarettes (this is a great compromise considering that I used to smoke almost a pack a day at some points and was a smoker for almost 13 years) so I have allowed myself a can a week as I don’t think that will interfere with my findings and I don’t want to say that I absolutely can’t have it… I find when you allow yourself things you are trying to expel, eventually when you see the benefits – you kick the habit naturally by choice.

My goal with this is to feel better and to notice a physical change in tone and shape… I’d love to know what you think and what your bad habits are. Once I get through this we may need to start to talk about my unhealthy obsession with peanut butter…

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