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Mornings are a funny, funny thing.

As a teenager I avoided them as if they were some form of disease riddled enemy. As a child you couldn’t wait to start your day getting up before the crack of dawn so excited about the day that I’m sure our parents assumed we were in fact on some form of crack.

Nowadays, I’m in between the two. I’m up early, usually 5am, but I’m not as excited about the days as you were when you were a kid.

Possibly because when you were a junior, you spend your youth believing that you could do anything with that day ahead – become a lawyer, a fireman (or woman), an actress, take over the world… but as an adult you realise you’re up early to fit in gym before work or to pay bills and organise your own lunches. The possibilities are not so exciting. And the weekends are filled with divine excitement over the fact that you may in fact get to sleep in twice.  

So how do you do it? How do you drag your ass out of bed?

I’ve learnt that it’s not easy and it’s not something you do because you want to but because you have to. It’s been a trying process over the years, I used to be the type that would arise mere moments before I absolutely had to leave my apartment to get to work, or more often than not – moments after and would be late for absolutely everything.

Time management is key. I find that keeping every miniscule detail of my day mapped out in my trusty day planner is the only way to ensure everything runs like clock work. But there are a few cheats that help make getting up at 5am bareable so I thought i’d share:

  1. Double shot macchiatos. I’m fortunate enough to own an espresso machine. They aren’t expensive, and they aren’t a luxury – I consider this material possession a god damn necessity. Get onto it. A strong coffee in the morning helps focus and if it’s a tasty strong coffee (not some awful instant mix) it’s a great way to start your day.
  2. Cold eye mask. I literally keep mine in the fridge and every morning I put it on for a couple of minutes whilst I’m waiting on the espresso machine to kick start. It reduces puffiness but the extremely cool sensation helps focus your mind and wake up your sleepy brain.
  3. L’Oreal Caffeine eye roll on – what the cool eye mask does not annihilate in the way of puffiness, this will. Looking tired only makes you feel it more. By this point you should be relatively awake.


Making sure that you have something fun to do whilst you’re enduring your mundane morning tasks makes it far more bareable… I watch repeats of Rachel Zoe Project or Gossip Girl when I put on my make up and clothes for the day. I go to the gym 3 mornings a week and allow myself an extra hour to sleep in when it’s not a ‘gym’ morning; after a while it seems like the days off are a treat rather than making the gym mornings feel like a punish.

But most of all, it simply comes down to optimism. No one wants to get up in the morning if they aren’t able to put a good light or a spin on what the day entails, so learn to cherish your weekends… spoil yourself with little treats for doing well (ie: watching shitty television whilst your getting ready because you aren’t rushed) and if you’re getting up every morning continuously hating your job and your daily tasks for a prolonged period of time, then quit what you’re doing… Nothing is worse than staying in something you hate and progressing in life only comes when you’re happy. Get happy.

If all else fails, start taking crack. I hear it’s fucking wonderful 🙂

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