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I haven’t been posting too much lately – and I apologise for that.
Been so busy starting my new job and I’m welcoming that at the moment.
A part of me feels that I’ve also stayed away because I set this blog up to write about health and fitness; but with my injury and my inability to really enjoy that lately I’ve kept quiet.

Anyway, I had a few moments now before bed to blog and I couldn’t think of much I wanted to write except that I’m absolutely loving this new Adele album 21.

It’s the follow up of her last album 19 which was a favourite of mine for a long time, anything jazzy and with a strong female vocalist is a go to for me.

If anyone has anything similar and perhaps more unheard of that is similar to this style – I’d love to hear it.

In the meantime I’m leaving you with my current favourite from the album…

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