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So I’d only been running again for maybe 3-4 sessions before I retained yet another injury. This time to my knee cartilage.

I’ve just returned from the doctors who has ordered x-rays and MRI’s and told me to brace myself for the fact that I may not actually ever be able to run again.

Years ago I sustained quite severe damage to my cartilage in both knees and was told a similar story about having to undergo reconstruction or to stop playing competitive sports. This was at the peak in my basketball career and needless to say was the reason I quit and the reason that my fitness slipped away in the first place.

I’m determined not to give in so easily this time but as it stands currently I cannot walk properly or support myself with my right leg and I’m failing to find that proverbial silver lining on this dark cloud. The past few months especially I have dedicated my time and energy to my training. I’ve put my heart and soul into it and given up things I enjoyed for the benefit of my fitness and for my marathon training. I gave up smoking, I most recently gave up drinking and I gave up many a morning sleep in to lace my shoes at 5am and run until my frozen limbs warmed amongst the brisk pace I kept.

Running for me isn’t just another part of being fit, it gave me clarity with my life, time to step away from everything except myself. It allowed me to set my own goals. Goals that had nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else, and I find this important especially when you are in a solid relationship and you’ve recently moved to a new city like I have, it could become very easy for me to solely depend on my relationship for fulfillment. I don’t think it takes a genius to see that that could be extremely unhealthy. So setting my marathon goals was something that I felt defined me. Something that was ‘mine’. I do feel like this has been taking away in one big blow at the moment.

All it seems that I can really do now is hope, stay healthy and committed to getting better. I have just started my new job and I am loving it so, so much. The people, the office itself, the location, what we do – everything feels so right and having been there a week I’ve already been pulled aside by my manager and been given some great news and feedback which made me incredibly happy. Another of my bosses sat down with me and discussed career plans and I really believe I could find a mentor in this particular person which has given me something further to work towards… So in begging for a silver lining, in needing something to distract my focus – I’m going to take work as that particular filler and try my best to focus on career goals in the meantime.

It would be extremely nice to be able to have it all – but they say you can’t, probably for a good reason. They say you have a great man, a great career and a great house but rarely all at once – I guess whoever ‘they’ are ha decided to smite me and taken away my health.

So in the meantime my posts will likely focus on things other than running and fitness as it will honestly hurt me quite a bit to read about them let alone focus writing about them… Please except this post merely as an explanation and not as a massive sook fest. Also, I honestly hope to post a bit more but settling into work routine again after the break it has really taken a toll on my personal time so my apologies for being absent this week.

How is everyone having just arrived back from work? I am quite used to waking at 5am and getting alot done in the mornings so my next post will be about time management, if you have any tips – feel free to post them in a comment reply and I’ll include the best ones along with blog links in the post. 🙂


To leave you with something a hell of a lot more cheerful, I was recently awared a Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Gillian who is the author of one of my favourite Sydney blogs,

The idea is that you also nominate 7 people for this award and list 7 facts about yourself- so first things first, my nominations would go to:

1. Gill Pill – I know she nominated me, but dammit I want to nominate her back. I love her blog and she’s as addicted to over-consumption of cosmetics in pretty packaging as I am.

2. Me Vs The Bulge – Amanda keeps one of the best blogs as far as fitness/weight loss/all round health tips goes, and she is quite similar to me so I always feel like she either took the words right out of my mouth or is a step ahead of me with trialing new products.

3. This Is Glamorous – I have no idea who does this blog to be fair, but isn’t it aaaaamazing?!?

4. Fit Definition – Dammit, upon clicking my homepage link to Liz’s blog I see I’ve not only missed a couple of great posts she has recently put up (work schedule takes away all the fun in my life, reading blogs is sadly such a pleasurable past time) but I’ve also been nominated by her for one of these awards. Now I feel like a massive jerk for having missed this and also I feel quite satisfied with myself for having her in my list anyways. Her blog entries always have me drawn in from start to finish.

5. Run, Eat, Repeat – Monica runs and eats and blogs. I’m pretty sure that’s not all she does but how she has time for anything else is beyond me, her posts are pretty much daily and always full of photos. Great read.

6. Oh She Glows – Angela’s story is as interesting as her blog. Most of her recipes are vegan, which I’m not – but it has opened my eyes to great alternatives and new ingredients for my cooking. Plus quite alot of my friends are vegan and I love passing on her recpies.

7. Frou Frou Fashionista – The ladies at Faire Frou Frou started following me quite some time ago on Twitter and I’ve been addicted to this blog ever since. It’s lust worthy and their store is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. You need to save up and spend up here.


Now for seven little tidbits about me:


1. I always have a TV series on the go. I’m addicted. I don’t have the patience to sit through movies and I feel like they are generally quite disappointing. So thanks to I’m pretty much always watching something. Currently it is Grey’s Anatomy and An Idiot Abroad.

2. I never thought I’d be the marrying type. In fact I used to believe there was nothing worse or less suited to me than getting married.

3. I have a long term love affair with London. Everything about that city tugs on my heartstrings on a regular basis.

4. I used to be one of the messiest people that I’ve ever met, my house was shambles. Now I’m meticulously clean and get irritated and all bothered by mess or clutter in my life.

5. I tried my first macchiato on Wednesday and am now a firm believer that mornings would be quite shite without them.

6. I hide purchases from time to time now that I live with the boy. I don’t think it’s important that he knows if I bought a new pair of Stella McCartney pants when I have been sooking about money… they were cute and they fit like a glove.

7. I cannot stand and never ever have chipped nail polish. I’m looking at you Liz, hahaha. ❤


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