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New Years Resolutions are somewhat dumb, if you ask me. I’ve got this theory that it shouldn’t take the clock striking midnight on the 1st January for you to realise you want to change something and for you to actually take any action in doing so. New Years should be a time to commemorate the successes you have had in the past year and to congratulate yourself; but it pains me to see people talk about New Years resolutions like marking the date means a whole new version of themselves will suddenly appear.

Instead of making grand gestures to change my life radically, I just want to work on ironing out some creases for 2011. This is my list of wishes for the year ahead:


1. Stay happy – I’ve been constantly moving towards that which makes me happy for years now, it’s become obvious to me that give or take some extreme unforeseen events like death and illness; you choose to be happy, and so I choose to have a great year this year. I vow to make every conscious effort to only improve my life and chase happiness, not sit around being a sad sack wondering why great things don’t just knock down my door.

2. Organise my finances. It feels nearly impossible to be content when you have money worries and so I am going to do everything I can this year to sort through my finances, be prepared for unexpected circumstances, and save for rainy days… You never can tell with the worlds financial situation what may happen so I want to make sure I don’t buy quite so much frivolous nonsense this year just because I can.

3. Continue to build up my fitness levels. Staying in the gym often; I want to see myself tone up to my ideal body this year and I want to reach my peak athletically. Running a half marathon and a hopefully a full marathon too providing my injuries stay at bay long enough.

4. Continue to work on my health. This includes mostly nutrition; I want to keep eating clean healthy foods and never diet. I’m not the type to diet, I enjoy food far too much. But I want to maintain a balanced path with nutrition and nourishing myself more intuitively. I’d like to learn more about eating to fuel my lifestyle as well, so that I can sustain my health and reach my peak athletically.

5. Skin, Hair, Nails, Teeth – Make a conscious effort to be good to all aspects of my body. Caring more for my skin with regular facials and treatments… Not dying my hair with permanant colours and to continue to grow it… No fake nails, keep them strong and healthy… Regular dentist visits, as I am obsessed with white straight perfect teeth and I want to keep mine nice and healthy as I get older.

6. Love and be loved. I’ve been stuck in a little love bubble for quite some time now and I’m all for staying right here. But anyone who has a healthy relationship knows that it doesn’t just stay perfect day in and day out without working on being a better person within yourself and your relationship. I want to learn to be more understanding and less selfish at times. The relationship I’m in now is something I never expected to find, a best friend and a partner in one is a big ask and having actually found that in someone I don’t want to take it for granted.

7. I start my new job this month and I’d really like to focus on my career this year. I’ve spent a great deal of time travelling over the past 2 or 3 years and as much as I would love to continue to do so, I’ve watched myself settle over the past six months and it has been the best six months of my life both mentally and physically. So this year I want to continue to stay grounded focusing on long term aspects of happiness.

8. Holiday because I deserve it, not just because I can. Like I mentioned before I have spent a good 2-3 years jetsetting. I’ve been on over 100 flights and within numerous countries. Sometimes I would decide to go overseas and then leave as little as 2 or 3 days after deciding. When you do things like this you don’t appreciate it nearly as much and you aren’t holidaying because you deserve the break but merely because you can or because you are running away. I want to work hard and earn the rest and spend the time somewhere beautiful taking a break from everything I’ve been striving to achieve. Balance is the key.

9. Obtain an amazing wardrobe. I have noticed lately that I have extreme style envy when it comes to people who know their own personal style. I don’t know mine, I tend to run between different tastes frequently and therefore my wardrobe feels like a mismatch clusterf*ck (in the words of Rachel Zoe). So the goal this year is to find my own style and perfect it, obtain beautiful key pieces. Quality over quantity. Also, it’s time to let go of all the clutter in my wardrobe along the way.

10. Project myself in a more intelligent manner. I’m a smart cookie… I’m well aware of this fact. Yet sometimes I realise that my carefree attitude and my love of most, if not all, swear words can make me look like a bit of a twit. I’m probably never going to stop swearing or stop saying things as soon as they pop into my head; that’s just my nature. But it would serve me well to mind my mouth in public forum. I forget sometimes that the things I write on the internet are seen by people who I don’t know and that they may be completely misconstrued or taking in account of how they choose to read them, as opposed to knowing me personally and realising that I am kidding around. Basically I want to learn to project myself as the person that I want to be. If I don’t want people to imagine that I am a trashy white girl, I should perhaps consider not constantly swearing like a sailor. Because even though I enunciate my swear words so that they sound incredibly eloquent, it doesn’t make it generally okay to do so in the first place. Plus, it’s just not fucking ladylike.


Please, I’m not going to completely lose my sense of humour in 2011.


What are your goals? Link me to your blog posts if you have put any posts up regarding 2011 goals!


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