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2010 is almost over. It’s been another amazing year for me. In fact I’ve been really blessed and have had an incredible run the last three years.

I’m hoping it’s not a hat trick sort of situation and that this luck (I honestly attribute it to hard work) continues to flow steadily into 2011.

Looking back on the year in a style similar to the sports highlight package at the end of the news, my timeline would run like this:

*Summer was the birth of my love for electro music. I spent my time at every festival imaginable, seeing as many gigs as possible. I also purchased my dj gear and spent majority of my time learning to dj or in the gym.

*After a couple of months I landed some amazing sets. I had an absolute blast and supported some of my favourite djs.

*The lease ended on my apartment in Melbourne city – I had been there two years and loved that place to death. Living alone in the city was pure bliss. I went shopping almost daily and the ability to basically roll home from nights out was ever so convenient. I’ve had some of the greatest times in that apartment but it was time to move on and so I packed up and put all my belongings in storage and became a citizen of my suitcase.

*London was the first stop. I met my brother at Liverpool Street station and we checked into our hotel and we spent a week exploring the city and partying. Going to crazy gigs; including one party in an abandoned car park in London which was probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I spent time with two of my best friends in my favourite city. Living in a spare bedroom of  my favourite Turkish resident of Islington. My heart was stuck with London but something kept telling me I had to move on…

*Japan. Finally arrived in Tokyo not long after and spent time there and Osaka. I wasn’t overly fond of Japan and decided that I needed to go back to Melbourne for a while to make a decision on where I would live.

*Living in a hotel in Melbourne for almost 2 months was absolutely insane. I had the greatest time of my life, and having a pool and gym at the end of your hall is convenience at it’s best.

*Moved to Yarraville – but felt as though my heart was still not with Melbourne. I wasn’t settled and I wanted so badly to get out and continue to move around.

*Sydney – I flew back and forth from Melbourne to Sydney so many times this year that I actually lost count.

*Finally made the decision to move to Sydney. To live with my best friend and soulmate and it was clearly the best decision I have ever made as we’re now…

*Engaged. I couldn’t picture this ever being something that I would have said yes to or even considered doing not that long ago. But I think that when something feels right – you just have to go with your heart and for the first time since London I had felt clarity and settled. I know without a shadow of doubt that spending the rest of my life with him is what I want. I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never been quite so happy.

*Oooh, and I quit smoking. Which is massive for me because if you know me I seem naked without a cigarette. I’ve been smoking since back in highschool days and it had hit double digits in years since I started so quitting was a huge step.

*Studying. I’m studying to become a Personal Trainer. After seeing the transformation in my life this past year I’ve noticed just how much being fit has made an impact on my happiness. I don’t know if I’ll ever work full time as a trainer but it’s definitely something I want to know more about and I want to work part time within the industry.


My goals for next year are to focus on my career, I start my new job early January and I want more than anything to be successful at it and to love it. I want to focus on my health and fitness, I plan to complete a half and full marathon in 2011. I also want to travel again, I can barely keep my feet on the ground for a whole year. And of course, to focus on my relationship… I don’t think there will be a wedding in 2011 – I have a hard enough time finding a dress to wear to Field Day – let alone something to wear for what I’m told is the most important day of my life; but it’s important to me that I make sure we stay this happy together forever. Sappy, I know. I’m almost mortified I even wrote that on a public forum.

So, tell me… what are your goals for 2011 – and what are your proudest achievements for 2010???


Running The Tan in Melbourne

Being an idiot, in Japan.

My DJ setup. So OCD.

My old apartment in Melbourne.

One of the first shows I played at.

My old gym in Melbourne.

On my way to Sydney to see the boy I adore.

Future in a fortune cookie. From one of our dates.


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