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Please excuse the lack of posts lately. I have been enjoying a little ‘me’ time..

S (the boy) has flown over to Thailand with his best friend for two weeks of beer, junk food and mayhem (as boys do) and so I’ve been at home by myself for a little bit and ‘finding my footing’; albeit not realistically because I still am not aloud to run yet, thank you peroneal tendonitis.

This has been the first time I’ve been alone in our house since we moved in, in fact we haven’t spent a night apart so my first thoughts were geared towards how I would act when he was not around. I have a really great support system as far as working out and eating well goes when it comes to our relationship. S is incredibly supportive of me getting up at 5am to go running most mornings (by supportive I mean, he stays in bed)… or if there’s an area in Sydney I’ve always wanted to run, he’ll drop me off there so I can run home if it’s too far to go both ways. I think sometimes though that I am more productive because he’s around – I can’t very well allow myself to be that girlfriend that slobs around, whinging questions like “does my ass look fat in this?” with one hand on a spoon and the other on a tub of ice cream and wonder how the f*ck it happened in the first place… I feel almost like I have to be on my best behaviour with both my diet and my workout routines so then when I choose to have a bit of a body conscious meltdown it’s justified. So when he left for holidays I found myself wondering if I would keep up with my heavy training program or if I would just sit at home watching Grey’s Anatomy and constantly checking my phone for text messages from overseas, or if I would actually go to the gym – even though the only person I had to prove anything to was myself.

What I’ve learnt from his absence is that being healthy is a state of mind. If I’ve done anything in this time by myself I’ve increased my training goals, I have stayed stricter with my healthy eating – trying new recipes and I’m feeling better for it. I’ve watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy too but you get the picture.

I know that this has all happened because my desire to be healthy outweighs all my primal urges to just do nothing. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of years when my laziness was palpable, I wouldn’t do anything remotely productive unless absolutely necessary… but now I find that being healthier and maintaining a clean eating regime and a great training schedule has me making better life choices, even when no one else is looking. I sleep better, I snack less, I drink less, I don’t smoke anymore, I put in a multitude more effort in other areas of my life like career or relationships. I also notice looking back that when I was making those lazier choices I was also desiring to be model skinny. I don’t desire that at all anymore, I notice myself finding inspiration in athletes rather than celebrities. I guess what it all comes down to is that being healthy has completely changed my life in every aspect, especially my happiness within myself and my surroundings and relationships. So going to the gym or cleaning up your diet isn’t just about having a body that you think looks good in your clothing and it certainly isn’t about being skinny… If you’re considering cleaning up your lifestyle for the new year -eating better and getting into the gym- I urge you to make those changes for yourself, and when you do I dare you not to love it.

Does anyone else agree? Have you noticed massive life changes since you got onto the health wagon?

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