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To be fair, if I was a nicer person I’d have posted this on Friday – before you went out and got yourself a dirty great big hangover… But truth be told I completely forgot about my desire to share this until this morning when I was reading about Amanda’s Week of Christmas Parties and was reminded just how awful it feels to wake up with a hangover after only a few glasses of wine.

So here is probably the greatest advice I will ever share with you: Milk Thistle Vitamins. You need to buy a bottle (approx $13 from supermarkets or vitamin stores). They are vitamins that aid in liver function and protection. But, for some magical reason (there are proper scientific reasons, but it feels like magic) if you pop 3 of these beautiful little pills before drinking and then 3 after you get home you are guaranteed to wake up sans hangover. Actually, I don’t guarantee this but every time I’ve used them I’ve noticed the difference. Don’t use this as an excuse to binge drink, I won’t condone that but everyone I’ve shared this advice with has treasured it immensely and noticed the difference the next day.

Speaking of pill popping… What other vitamins do you take on a regular basis?

My favourites are:

Spirulina – I have 13 each morning and more on days I know are going to be long or particularly packed with things to do. They help with energy and are particularly great if you don’t get enough green vegetables in your diet. You’ll also find that most juice/smoothie bars offer Spirulina shots. You can get a bottle of 1000 for about $79.00 but if you have trouble taking vitamins that taste a bit yuck, spend more cash and get capsules. The tablets are a bit abrasive if you’re not used to them.

Silica – My hair and nails have never ever looked so good. I went from having nails that were breaking and split right down to my cuticles and about as thin as paper to beautiful long rock hard nails within about 8 weeks of taking these. Expensive, but well worth it.

Fish Oil – Fish Oil helps to reduce joint pain and keep you limber – especially good for anyone in training or used to regular sports. They are reported to have effects on increasing your metabolism. They also are incredible for smooth, healthy skin. These ones are very cheap, and you’d have to be crazy not to try them. Just make sure they are odorless.

Recommend any good vitamins? Anything that you think is a total waste of money?

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