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My weekend has been incredible… to say the least.

My brother flew in from Melbourne to stay a few days; minus a few set backs with flight problems we’ve managed to get some great quality time together. Including a massive shopping session, lunch on the Darling Harbor, drinks and dj’ing, breakfast in Bondi, a run by the Anzac Bridge.

I got early Christmas presents – a pair Nike Lunar Swift+ running shoes, a Nike backpack (I want to start running home from work), a pair of Sting boxing gloves, Nike sports bras, a Nike+ running sportsband for logging my km’s and all the details of my runs… can you tell I’m obsessed with Nike?

Not to mention my adorable boyfriend, Sean, is now my fiance. I couldn’t be happier. I’m so excited about spending my life with my best friend and inheriting one of the greatest, most entertaining sets of in-laws I could possibly imagine.

To top of a fantastic weekend I’m now relaxing on the couch waiting for the roast chicken I have put in the oven to cook. Meanwhile watching Rachel Zoe Project as my brother and Sean play tennis downstairs. I didn’t think this weekend could get better… but then I realised tomorrow is Sunday, and Sundays are my favourite thing in the world so I’ve got fingers crossed something else incredible happens tomorrow.


What has everyone else been up to this weekend? And what are your favourite Sunday activities?

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