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I love peanut butter. By that I mean, I actually think I dream about it. (This is one of my favourite things to drool over)

Peanut butter and honey on wholemeal crumpets is one of my absolute dream foods.

Of course, it’s not entirely healthy as crumpets are carb loaded and peanut butter isn’t exactly fat-free. But I have noticed that incorporating your cravings into a healthier snack makes it so much easier to stay on your diet. You can’t cut out everything you love and you shouldn’t have to.

This is my new favourite summer snack, granny smith apples with peanut butter. Provided you don’t go overboard on the peanut butter – you have yourself a snack that’s low in calories and tastes ahhhmayzing.

Anyone else have any delicious summer snacks that they care to share?

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